Six Nations

The Six Nations is an international rugby union competition held annually between the teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. The competition started out as the Home Nations Championship until France were added in 1910 to become the Five Nations Championship, this was later increased further in 1999 with the addition of Italy. Each team plays the other teams once, with home advantage being alternated each year.

Wales were the 2021 champions, winning their 28th title as well as securing the Triple Crown (defeating all of the other home nations).

2022 Six Nations

The 2022 Six Nations is set to take place between the 5th February and 19th March 2022. Click below for further information on each of the matches.

Round 1

5th February 2022 (14:15) – Ireland v Wales (Aviva Stadium, Dublin)

5th February 2022 (16:45) – Scotland v England (Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh)

6th February 2022 (16:00) – France v Italy (Stade de France, Paris)

Round 2

12th February 2022 (14:15) – Wales v Scotland (Millennium Stadium, Cardiff)

12th February 2022 (17:45)France v Ireland (Stade de France, Paris)

13th February 2022 (16:00)Italy v England (Stadio Olimpico, Rome)

Round 3

26th February 2022 (14:15) – Scotland v France (Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh)

26th February 2022 (16:45)England v Wales (Twickenham Stadium, London)

27th February 2022 (15:00)Ireland v Italy (Aviva Stadium, Dublin)

Round 4

11th March 2022 (20:00) – Wales v France (Millennium Stadium, Cardiff)

12th March 2022 (15:15) – Italy v Scotland (Stadio Olimpico, Rome)

12th March 2022 (16:45)England v Ireland (Twickenham Stadium, London)

Round 5

19th March 2022 (14:15)Wales v Italy (Millennium Stadium, Cardiff)

19th March 2022 (16:45)Ireland v Scotland (Aviva Stadium, Dublin)

19th March 2022 (21:00)France v England (Stade de France, Paris)

Further Information

Six Nations Official Website

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