Fed Cup

What is the Fed Cup?

The Fed Cup (formerly known as the Federation Cup) is an international team tennis competition, competed for by various different national teams.

The Fed Cup was launched in 1963 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). USA have won the highest number of Fed Cups with 18, whilst the Czech Republic are the second most successful with 11.

When is the Fed Cup?

The Fed Cup is held over the course of a year, usually from February to November.

What is the format of the Fed Cup?

There are eight teams in World Group I, competing in a three round knockout competition over the course of the year to determine the overall winner of the Fed Cup.

Below this level is World Group II, with a further 8 nations playing a single round. The four winners go on to play a play-off against the 4 losers of the World Group I first round, to determine who play’s in the following year’s World Group I. The four losers of World Group II round 1, compete against winners of the regional competitions to determine promotion/relegation to this group.

There are three regional zones, each with different groups with their own promotion and relegation:

Group One American Zone – Group Two American Zone

Group One Euro/African Zone – Group Two Euro/African Zone – Group Three Euro/African Zone

Group One Asia/Oceania Zone – Group Two Asia/Oceania Zone

The World Group matches are played as best of five matches across two days – Day 1 has two single matches, Day 2 with the reverse singles matches and the deciding doubles match. Ties are played on a home and away basis and decided by lot.

Regional zone matches are best of three matches (two singles and one double), taking place in a round robin format at a single venue over the course of a week decided by the Fed Cup Committee.

How do I get tickets to the Fed Cup?

Ticket information for Fed Cup matches is available through the official website here.

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