The Caribbean is a region between North and South America, bound by the Caribbean Sea and the numerous island nations that make up the West Indies.

Country guides are available for some of the Caribbean islands by clicking below:

Antigua & Barbuda



St Kitts & Nevis

St Lucia

Sport in Caribbean

The most popular sports in the Caribbean include:

Baseball – Not just played in the USA, baseball is the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rica. Each have their own leagues and have sent players on to the Major Leagues in the US.

Cricket – Due to the legacy of the former British Empire, cricket is hugely popular in many of the former British Caribbean islands. The West Indies is the international side representing the region, with the 2007 Cricket World Cup played here.

Football (soccer) – Another hugely popular sport in the area, most of the region’s islands have a football (soccer) team that are part of CONCACAF – competing in the Gold Cup. The Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica have had success on world level by previously qualifying for the World Cup.

Golf – The Caribbean is a favourite for playing golf for many Sports Tourist’s, with spectacular courses on offer.

Horse Racing – Horse Racing is another popular sport in the region, particularly in Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Nevis, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico and Trinidad & Tobago.

Getting to the Caribbean & Visa

There are a number of direct flights on offer from the UK to Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica and St Lucia.  Flights are offered by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, with charter options including Tui and Thomas Cook.

Search & book your flights through Skyscanner here.

Cruising is a popular option for seeing a lot of the different countries that make up the Caribbean region. Probably not the most convenient way if following cricket side’s on tour but I do highly recommend Marella cruises offered by Tui (formerly Thomson).

Travel & visa information for individual island’s can be accessed by clicking on the country guides.

Getting around the Caribbean

Air – The Caribbean has a large network of airlines with inter-island routes on offer. Search & book your flights through Skyscanner here.

Boat – Yachting is a popular but expensive choice of exploring the Caribbean for many of us. There are a few ferries available for travelling between islands.

Bus – Buses are a cheap and fun way to explore the islands of the Caribbean. Types of bus vary from island to island, ranging from colourful government run buses to private minivans.

Taxi – Taxi’s are readily available in much of the Caribbean, particularly the tourist destinations. Always ensure you agree on a rate beforehand.

Where to stay in the Caribbean

Use TripAdvisor to find some great places to stay in the Caribbean by clicking here.

What to do in the Caribbean

Think of the Caribbean and you think sun, sea and sandy beaches. And you’re not wrong! I had a great time in the Caribbean, of course the weather is hot and sunny as you would expect, with the odd rain shower thrown in and the people generally very friendly. Aside from the beach, the region has some great history with each of the island’s having their own unique sights to see.

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