Davis Cup

What is the Davis Cup?

The Davis Cup is an international team tennis event, contested annually in a knockout format. The Davis Cup began in 1900, originally as a challenge match between Great Britain and the USA, before gradually increasing the number of countries competing.

The most successful nation is the USA, who have won 32 tournaments, ahead of Australia who have won 28 times.

When is the Davis Cup?

The Davis Cup usually starts in February or March, with matches taking place through the course of the year and the final (or now Finals week) taking place in late November.

What is the format of the Davis Cup?

The 16 best teams compete in the World Group and therefore have a chance of winning the Davis Cup. The 16 teams play in a four round knockout competition to determine the winner over the course of the year. Losers in the first round are sent to a World Group playoff round, where they play winners of the Group 1 regional zones to determine who play’s in next year’s World Group.

From 2019, the format of the World Group has changed, with 18 Nations taking part in a week long tournament and has been renamed the Davis Cup Finals.

Below the World Group are a series of nations divided into regions, with each region having several groups. National teams are divided into different groups based on their performance, with promotion and relegation between the groups. The structure is as follows:

Group 1 Americas Zone – Group 2 Americas Zone – Group 3 Americas Zone

Group 1 Europe/Africa Zone – Group 2 Europe/Africa Zone – Group 3 Europe Zone & Group 3 Africa Zone

Group 1 Asia/Oceania Zone – Group 2 Asia/Oceania Zone – Group 3 Asia/Oceania Zone – Group 4 Asia/Oceania Zone

How do I get tickets to the Davis Cup?

Ticket information for the various different Davis Cup matches is available through the official website here.

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