Udawalawe National Park

A fantastic opportunity to see wild Elephants, I highly recommend taking the time to check out Udawalawe National Park if you’re not intending on going to Africa any time soon!

Getting to Udawalawe National Park

Getting there & away: Your only choice if staying near the National Park, is the bus. You will normally have to change buses in the nearby town of Embilipitiya, as I did when coming up from Tangalle. To then get to a town such as Ella, you will normally change at Thanamalwila.

Where to Stay

Silent Bungalow is a pleasant guesthouse with a huge breakfast in the morning and Sri Lankan curry for dinner. The owners were lovely and the husband and son run their own safari tours, which I thoroughly recommend!

Rooms from £13 per night. Read other traveller’s reviews and book your stay on TripAdvisor by clicking on the links above, or search for other Udawalawe accommodation by clicking here.

Food & Drink

There is not much in the village of Udawalawe, therefore eating on site if staying at Silent Bungalow is a great choice.

What to do in Udawalawe

The only reason to visit Udawalawe is for the safari, which will get you up close not only with wild elephants, but potentially buffalo, crocodiles, leopards and snakes. The Elephant Transit Home is also worth checking out at feeding time to see the fantastic work supporting injured and orphaned elephants.

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