Chilling on the beach and getting close up close to the world’s largest animal, you can easily spend at least a couple of days in Mirissa.

Getting to Mirissa

Bus – Buses head along the main road and head to Colombo (5 hours) and Tangalle (90 minutes).

Train – Mirissa does have a train station a little way out of town (you’ll need to catch a Tuk-Tuk) and there are infrequent trains to Galle (90 minutes).

Where to Stay

I’m going to be honest with this one, I won’t recommend where I stayed in Mirissa – wasn’t the cleanest and was too far from the beach. My tip – pay a little more and stay near the beach where all the bars are!

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Food & Drink

I can’t recommend a particular bar or restaurant as there were so many along the beach! From the one’s I tried, food standard and prices are fairly similar during the day, each with their own happy hour deals at certain times.

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What to do in Mirissa

Apart from lazing on the beach, Mirissa offers the chance to get up close to the largest animal to ever exist, the Blue Whale. I would highly recommend Raja & the Whales, who were very knowledgeable and environmentally-conscious tour guides. The day I visited, the water was particular choppy so perhaps if you get sea sick, this may not be for you as the trip took about 6 hours!

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